Start-Ups and Eco-Fees

Publié le 23 avril 2021

Many businesses are still unaware that they have to pay eco-fees on the products they put on the market. If you didn’t know, eco-fees are environmental handling fees that cover the cost of collecting and recycling certain products at the end of their useful life.

In Canada, most programs target containers, packaging, printed matter, newspapers, magazines, batteries, electronics (ICTs), oils, paints, mercury-containing lamps and other. Household appliances and air conditioners were recently added to this list in Quebec, as part of a program implemented on April 1, 2021.

Businesses must report to different eco-fee programs depending on the type of products they sell, their target clientele and the province they are based in. Some businesses are eligible for an eco-fee exemption based on their revenue, the number of products they put on the market and other criteria specific to each program and province. For example, a start-up could initially claim an exemption, but would eventually have to file reports and pay a contribution to have its products and packaging collected and recycled.

In 2021, it is vital that businesses face up to their social responsibility and stop sticking their head in the sand! A few years ago, the manager of a children's toy company confessed to me that he wouldn’t participate in any of these programs until they started fining him. Wow. Doesn’t he realize that by shirking his responsibilities in this way, he's just passing the buck to his customers? Not the best business ethics!

In short, it’s important to know that these programs exist, to check if your products and packaging are subject to eco-fees and to contribute your fair share. Working together as a society, we can take steps to turn our waste into a resource.

For peace of mind and to find out what your obligations are, contact us! We look forward to discussing this with you.

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