Complexity of Stewardship reporting

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Compensation of curbside collection by companies

Complexity of Stewardship Declarations for a Food Retailer

The Challenge

The Canadian Stewardsihp Prorgams requires subject companies to report only containers, packaging and printed matter intended and used by “residential” customers. To simplify their tasks, several companies calculate all the products marketed without taking into account the quantities of packaging which are not used by a residential clientele. Wanting to be faster, we can also unnecessarily increase our royalties to approved organization.

The Solution

A retailer contacted us so our team could help him reduce his bill, which he found expensive. In an effort to save time, he had simply declared all containers, packaging and printed matter purchased from his suppliers, regardless of those used only in the branch or those intended for commercial customers. We have therefore developed a methodology, carried out a waste audit and an internal survey to calculate the containers, packaging and printed matter used in the branch and by its commercial clientele to subtract them from the initial declaration and thus reduce its contribution to Eco Entreprises Québec

"Several companies, to simplify their tasks, calculate all the products put on the market."