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Compensation of curbside collection by companies

Complexity of Stewardship Declarations for a Food Retailer

The Challenge

In the next few years, it will be forbidden to eliminate organic matter in Quebec. To divert the maximum of organics from disposal, several municipalities opt for the collection of organic matter. Although many citizens are willing to receive this service, there is also a significant portion of people who, unaware of the benefits of the service, are opposed to the implementation of the organic waste collection or simply do not want to participate.

The Solution

To ensure that the implementation of the organic waste collection, several cities use our communication services. We were given several mandates where we provided experienced outreach workers to travel the streets to meet with citizens, explain the new service and respond to their concerns. Thus, by a personalized service, the citizens feel understood and one can easily find solutions regarding their apprehensions. This increases participation rates, the amount of recovered organic matter and the performance of the city.

"Several companies, to simplify their tasks, calculate all the products put on the market."