Rapport de vérification

Declare your eco-fees intelligently

Audit report

In-depth analysis of your eco-fee declaration processes

Businesses find our assessment report to be cost-effective as it often results in savings
Rapport de vérification

What is an assessment report?

An assessment report is an in-depth analysis of your eco-fee reporting process, conducted to identify possible information gaps, anomalies or errors.

Based on the information you provide us beforehand, first we determine if you are contributing to the right programs and are respecting their rules. Next, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your declaration process, including your item categorization, weight totals and calculation formulas. We perform a year-over-year comparison of your declarations and sales reports to check for any mistakes that may result in overpaying or underpaying the organizations.

When necessary and with your prior approval, we contact your suppliers to obtain additional information about your products and materials to make sure they are placed in the right categories.

During the analysis, we keep an eye out for possible product or data omissions in your reports and bring them to your attention in the final assessment report.

Finally, we look at your administrative process for managing eco-fees, to propose ways to simplify it. When the analysis is complete, you receive a comprehensive report tailored to your business, clearly indicating possible improvements and savings, with recommendations from our experts.

Save time


Enjoy efficiency

The advantage

The assessment report indicates if savings are possible and whether your current process is meticulous enough to reduce the risk of errors.

Minimal, advantageous service fees

Cycle Environment simplifies the reporting required by the different extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs in all participating Canadian provinces.

Our services include:

Data collection, compilation, analysis and updating

Development of specific methodologies and strategies

Estimate of contributions

Payment of contributions to approved organizations

Follow-up and annual report for our clients

One monthly invoice for all provinces