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Our vision

From the
very start

“Contribute to building a society in which organizations understand the benefits of sustainable development and choose to evolve according to values that, while aiming for economic efficiency, respect environmental integrity and support social equity. All with a view to creating a future with great quality of life and achievable, sustainable living conditions.”

Marlène Hutchinson M. Env.

Founding President

Holder of a Master of Science degree in environmental studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, Marlène has two passions: the environment and the desire to help people. This inspired her to create her own ecofiscalist consulting firm in 2005: Cycle Environment.

Drawing on in-depth knowledge of eco-fees and residual materials management, Marlène built an excellent reputation for herself in her area of activity. She has received several prestigious awards, including the 2020 Distinction award – residual materials sector presented by Réseau Environnement, 100 entrepreneures qui changent le monde by Femmessor. An expert in her field, Marlène is always looking to increase the help she offers to businesses. This is what led her to develop a unique software program: Steward6This tool is now part of a comprehensive service, in which companies can opt to have Marlène’s team of specialists take complete charge of their eco-fees.

Marlène is a highly attentive visionary who is always coming up with new ways to help businesses simplify their processes.

François Parent

General Manager

The former owner of a manufacturing and e-commerce company, François has considerable knowledge of the retail industry and of business operations and management.

François is a major ally because he understands your reality and is able to quickly pinpoint any issues. Using his analytical skills and extensive knowledge of the applicable regulations, Curbside recycling programs, and extended producer responsibility (EPR), he can advise you on the best way to increase your environmental performance, which will result in significant economic benefits for your business.