Management Team

Management Team

Our vision

Since the

To contribute to the development of a society where organizations understand the challenges of sustainable development and choose to evolve according to values ​​which, while aiming for economic efficiency, respect the integrity of the environment and work towards social equity. In order to offer a quality future in livable, viable and sustainable conditions.

Marlène Hutchinson M.env.

Founding President

With a Research-type Master’s Degree in Environment and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Marlène has, through her studies as much as her personal and professional experiences, developed several managerial qualities which she uses to her advantage in her environmental consulting firm.

Ms. Hutchinson founded Cycle environnement in 2005. Since then, she has fully carried out or supervised all the mandates that were given to the firm which allowed her to build a solid reputation and to develop a high knowledge of waste management in municipalities and in ICI (industries, commercial businesses and institutions). Furthermore, having an ability to popularize concepts related to her area of expertise, Marlène is the author of three books : Objectif zéro déchet : un projet collectif (2017) ; Vice caché, les effets sournois de la surconsommation sur la santé et l’environnement (2012) ; and Vos déchets et vous, un guide pour comprendre et agir (2007), all published by MultiMondes (2012); et

François Parent

General Manager

His knowledge of retail, operations, business management, information technology and e-commerce industries, in addition to his in-depth knowledge of the curbside recycling system, make him excellent strategist and analyst who will support the team for the technical and IT aspects. The various positions and positions held over the last 20 years have contributed to perfecting his knowledge of all aspects of lean manufacturing, data management and analysis as well as strategies for implementing solutions. Mr. Parent has great communication skills with both staff, clients and suppliers.