Simplify the management of eco-fees


The Steward6

Turnkey service for eco-fees reporting

Companies marketing containers, packaging, printed material, electronic devices, batteries or any other range of products included in Extended Producter Responsability programs are required to contribute to different Stewardship Programs and other Environmental Handling Fees. Cycle environment offers a turnkey reporting service.


Extended Producer Responsibility

It is for the sake of simplifying processes, profitability and innovation that Cycle environment has been able to develop, especially for companies concerned by the various extended producer responsibility programs around the world, its unique eco-fee management tool - Steward6.

Cycle environment offers you a turnkey service offering full support for the management process of your eco-fees. A team of experts is at your disposal so that you only have to provide the required data.

Save Time

We know that a significant factor in the performance of a company, is efficient time management. This is why we have decided to offer a turnkey service that allows you to focus on projects other than managing your environmental costs. We take care of everything for you.

Money saving

Thanks to our unique tool Steward6, the data provided for declaration are subjected to rigorous analyzes at the level of products, weights, classification of materials and several other criteria. This allows us to quickly spot irregularities from the start of our collaboration and to create a personalized calculation methodology allowing you to save considerable sums.


Our expertise combined with our unique tool, Steward6, allows us a very high efficiency. Our in-depth knowledge of the various programs, our high-performance management system and our team of dedicated experts allow us to transmit your declarations precisely, in detail and on time.

Save Time

Save Money


Action Plan

We represent you

When you entrust us with the management of your ecofee declarations, we represent you with the organizations. We become the first responders for all questions, requests for additional information or revisions concerning your file.

Minimum and affordable service charge

Cycle environment simplifies the entire eco-fee reporting process for all participating provinces.

Our services include:

Collection, compilation, analysis and update of data

Development of specific methodologies and strategies

Estimate of contributions

Payment of contributions to approved organizations

Follow-up and annual report for our clients

One monthly invoice for all programs and provinces