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The Steward6

Turnkey service for eco-fees reporting

Companies marketing containers, packaging, printed material, electronic devices, batteries or any other range of products iincluded in Extended Producter Responsability programs are required to contribute to different Stewardship Programs and other Environmental Handling Fees. Cycle environment offers a turnkey reporting service.


Extended Producer Responsibility

Taxes, rent, insurance, bills. Business expenses are numerous and it is easy to get lost. Unnecessary expenses can affect the functioning of your business and make you lose productivity. Companies subject to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) are required to report and pay contributions on many products placed on the market. However, as with containers, packaging and printed material, not all of your sales must be reported, but only those intended for consumers. Some companies lose a lot of money by declaring too much material.

Our expertise can save you money. Our turnkey service has saved our clients thousands of dollars by producing accurate and precise reports. We make sure that your company pays the correct amounts to agencies and on time to avoid penalties and interest. A free analysis of your records can be done by our experts.

Save Time

With our turnkey service, we allow you to focus on what really matters: your productivity

Save Money

Compliant reports can save you money. The maintenance of our databases and our periodic follow-ups allow us to transmit your reports in a precise, detailed and timely manner.


Our expertise combined with our internal management system, the Steward6, allows us to be very efficient, which contributes to offering our turnkey service at a very advantageous cost for our clients.

Action Plan

We represent you

When you entrust us with your Eco-Fees reporting, we represent you to the organizations. By becoming primary contact, we are on the line of fire to answer, on your behalf, any questions, requests for additional information and revisions concerning your case.

Minimum and affordable service charge

Cycle environment facilitates the entire process of eco-fees reporting for all participating provinces.

Our professional services included:

Collection, compilation, analysis and update of data

Development of specific methodologies and strategies

Estimate of contributions

Payment of contributions to approved organizations

Follow-up and annual report for our clients

One monthly invoice for all programs and provinces