Simplifying eco-fee management



Comprehensive eco-fee reporting service

Businesses that sell containers, packaging, printed matter, electronic devices, batteries and other types of products are required to make a contribution to curbside recycling compensation and extended producer responsibility programs. Cycle Environment offers a complete service for your reporting needs.


Extended Producer Responsibility

Driven by the desire to simplify processes,to increase profitability and to innovate, Cycle Environment developed a unique eco-fee management tool, Steward6, specifically for businesses subject to various extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs around the world. Steward6

Thanks to its comprehensive service, Cycle Environment can take complete charge of managing your eco-fees. Simply provide our team of experts with the necessary data and they will take care of the rest.

Save time

We know that effective time management contributes to a company’s performance. This is why we are offering a comprehensive service that lets you completely focus on other projects while we manage your eco-fees on your behalf.

Save money

Grâce à notre outil unique Steward6We carefully analyze the data you provide us for your reports (products, weights, material classification and other important criteria) in Steward6, our unique software program. This lets us quickly identify any irregularities from the very start of our partnership and thus develop a custom calculation methodology that will save your business a considerable amount of money.

Enjoy efficiency

Combining our expertise with our unique Steward6 software Steward6 makes the process incredibly efficient. Our extensive knowledge of the different programs in effect, our high-performance management system and our team of dedicated experts ensure that your reports are filed in a precise, detailed and timely manner.

Save time


Enjoy efficiency

We represent you

When you entrust us with managing your eco-fee reports, we deal with the organizations on your behalf. We are the single point of contact should they have questions, need additional information or wish to review information in your file.

Minimal, advantageous service fees

Cycle Environment simplifies the reporting required by the different extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs in all participating Canadian provinces.

Our services include:

Data collection, compilation, analysis and updating

Development of specific methodologies and strategies

Estimate of contributions

Payment of contributions to approved organizations

Follow-up and annual report for our clients

One monthly invoice for all provinces