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Free summary analysis of your eco-fee declaration process

Businesses value the free analysis because it helps them quickly improve their process
Analyse gratuite

Why have your declaration process analyzed?

You will have an ecofiscality expert completely dedicated to conducting a cursory review of your eco-fee declaration process. This completely free and confidential analysis gives you an overview of the accuracy of your declarations. We will briefly assess various aspects, such as your calculation methodology and the categorization of the different materials.

During the analysis, our expert will conduct an overview of the data you will have provided beforehand, to check for any errors or omissions that could lead you to overpay the organizations.

Si tel est le cas, nous vous proposons notre service complémentaire à l’analyse gratuite qui prend en charge la demande de remboursement des trop-perçus pour vous faire gagner du temps et de l’argent !

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive the expert’s report, which rates your declaration process and indicates your risk of error per sector. This will help you pinpoint the parts of your process that are at higher risk of error and make the necessary corrections.

Finally, the recommendations section of the report suggests ways to optimize your declarations and fairly contribute to the programs you are subject to.

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The advantage

The free analysis helps you file more accurate eco-fee reports and pay only your fair share.

Minimal, advantageous service fees

Cycle Environment simplifies the reporting required by the different extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs in all participating Canadian provinces.

Our services include:

Data collection, compilation, analysis and updating

Development of specific methodologies and strategies

Estimate of contributions

Payment of contributions to approved organizations

Follow-up and annual report for our clients

One monthly invoice for all provinces