Waste Management

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Waste Management

Define your needs and strategies to achieve a better Waste Management

Waste Management Diagnosis

Knowing the situation to better understand and take profitable decisions

The diagnosis is a first step towards a better knowledge of the waste produced in your organization. The overall picture will lead to cost-effective decisions about which services need to be improved or put in place to reduce costs.


Informing, and educating: to take action and increase awareness

Communication is the key to the success of any project, especially in environment and sustainable development where changes in habits are required. Information and continuing education must be carried out to ensure that aspirations, needs and changes are known and understood by clients, citizens and employees.


Certify your waste management practices

Your organization is making a lot of efforts to implement and promote responsible waste management practices. Why not have your company certified? This is the ideal way to promote your responsible involvement in the public arena, create a sense of belonging among employees and encourage good practices. To assist you with the certification, we offer a range of services to obtain the ICI on RECYCLE certification! of RECYC-QUÉBEC.


Increase awareness to better manage our resources and understand environmental issues

To inform and educate your customers, employees, citizens, students and partners, Cycle environment offers conferences tailored to your needs. They are given by Marlène Hutchinson, President of Cycle environment, speaker, author of 3 books on waste management, as well as essay director and lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke.