Working Labs

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Working Labs

Having an outside look on a situation is sometimes necessary to move forward.

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Giving you a precise portrait of the situation to find innovative solutions is our aim.

We know how difficult it can be to have different departments communicating effectively, whether it by a municipality or a large business. This is where a working lab can be effective by bringing all involved in working together to find solutions to the challenges raised by waste management.

With our support, you will benefit from structured and dynamic meetings including interactive workshops that will allow everyone to give their opinions. To begin, we will analyse your situation and then guide you towards possible and realistic solutions for your project.

In sustainable development an outside look from experts in waste management is a major asset in your search for solutions

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With our working labs, you will have a precise portrait of your current situation. It will enable you to identify which elements are holding you back and find the solutions that will work for you and your team. Following the workshop, you will be provided with a detailed account of the elements discussed so that you can refer to them when making your final decisions.

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Understanding your problem

Directed workshop

Detailed report

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