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ICI on recycle + Certification

Have you ever thought about recognizing your efforts through external certification?


The environment has become essential in all business activities.

Whether it is an industry, a trade or an institution (ICI). As much for business leaders as employees, efforts to improve its environmental impact translate into a greater sense of ownership and can even have an impact on employee retention.

Have you ever thought about recognizing your efforts through external certification? There is an entirely Quebec certification to honor your commitments and improve your performance in relation to waste management. For several years, Recyc Quebec has overseen the ICI on Recycle program. Recently, it has been completely revised, improved and even its name has changed a bit: ICI on Recycle +. This is a recognition program offering 4 levels depending on the number and impact of the actions in place in your company (Implementation, Performance, Performance + and Elite). Of course, a minimum of steps must be done in order to get the first level.

The "Fonds Écoleader" could give you a financial boost for all the activities required to improve your waste management.

You are interested?

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You are interested in getting certified, but do not know where to start? Would you like to improve your waste management practice in your company?

You want to ensure employee participation, review your processes, reduce your packaging, reduce your waste and even reduce your purchases?

Cycle environment is here to help. Our team specializes in improving your waste management performance while taking into account your activities. We will be able to analyze your needs and plan the actions to be put in place, as much human, financial or material resources, in order to reach the required level of certification.

We will advise you on the best actions to improve your performance in waste management according to your sector of activity and we will assist you in their implementation. Once in place, we will prepare your application ICI On Recycle + from Recyc-Quebec and follow up, until your certification.

A recognition program offering 4 levels



Performance +