Geolocation and inventory

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Case studies

The cleanliness of parks, streets and other public places

Geolocation and inventory of containers

The Challenge

The cleanliness of parks, streets, and other outdoor public and tourist areas requires the availability of adequate containers and equipment to dispose of waste and recyclables in strategic locations. To ensure that they are located in accessible and useful places for customers, we have geolocated existing equipment for different clients: organizations, municipalities and provincial parks.

The Solution

To do this, a team travels the territory under study, because the geolocation service involves a complete tour of the premises. Each container, tray or equipment encountered, a photo, its GPS point and information about the equipment are noted. Then an interactive map is created locating all available equipment and information collected.

All this made it possible to obtain an exhaustive inventory of the equipment in place and to make the necessary corrections in terms of the types and quantity of containers available for both waste and recyclable materials. Following the inventory, we analyzed the situation and gave advice so that they are located in strategic places, that they are available in sufficient quantity taking into account the use of the places and that they have adequate signage.

"Geolocation and inventory of containers are a first step towards the optimization of waste management in a territory .."